Challenge the heteronormative: Pink Moon

Following the recent ruling by the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) making marriage equality a reality across all 50 states, many questions have been asked in pockets of US society about what this means for them, and how they can get around this ruling (particularly in states which expressly banned same-sex marriage).

Religion, beliefs, bigotry, persecution, hatred, fear, (dis)taste, ignorance, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, media, misconceptions, peer-pressure and anger have all played their part in the reinforcement of the heteronormative idea of marriage between one man and one woman.

Seriously though, why the beef?

“Because religion.”

Have a stronger faith. No-one is asking you to marry anyone.

“Because PDAs.”

Well public displays of affection can be off-putting regardless of gender.

“Because children.”

Oh yes the children! Think of the countless lives that never come to be because no gay person ever got accidentally pregnant from consensual sex. All those poor kiddies who are robbed of the chance of a life as a ward of the state, instead being adopted or fostered by some happily married same sex couple who raise the child with abhorrent love and sickening care to be a deviantly normal productive member of society. The poor things.

Anyway as you can probably tell, I never bore of tearing to shreds any “theory” posited by naysayers in this regard, but to save them the bother should they come up against me, director Sal Bardo has made a short film to give them something to help challenge their preconceptions. Sadly I fear that even in this film the message is too understated for some people, but if it helps you to change one person’s mind – use it.

You can get the full explanation here from Attitude.


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