Summer, my friend! Where have you been?

So summer finally arrived & I take advantage of the nice weather with a cycling detour home via Clifton Moor. Impulse buy an iPhone dock for all this summer garden lounging I have planned which runs off mains or 4 AA batteries.

“Oh that’s fine,” I tell myself. “There are loads at home.” And so I pedal off with Annie Mac coming through my Beats and chai coconut Mylk to quash my thirst. It’s now a much safer route home since they built that bridge.
At home I rush to make use of what precious little warmth and daylight might be left, channeling my inner Anneka Rice to find batteries.

No fewer than 24 AAA batteries are available for use, whereas I can only find 2 AAs. Looks like we shall do without a remote control for now!


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